Barrett-Jackson 2012 is just over 1 week away!

After another long hiatus I feel it is time to get right back in the swing of things! Barrett-Jackson 2012 is just over 1 week away and for most Arizona residents this represents one of the few times of the year when automotive enthusiasts can gather and enjoy the spectacle that is Barrett-Jackson. Last year I had the fortunate opportunity of covering the show for Autoweek, Hagerty Insurance, and several other media outlets so naturally I was snapping away quite a bit. I decided to look for some unique angles and perspectives this time around while also covering a few of the bigger stories of the show.

One such story was the auctioning of the only 2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Laguna Seca in Grabber Blue with proceeds going to charity. Another story that generated quite a bit of press both positive and negative was the JFK ambulance that Jalopnik uncovered as a fake shortly before the car actually took to the auction block. This year the stories seem to be a bit less controversial, but you never know what will happen during auction week in Scottsdale! Enjoy some of my favorite images from last year in case you missed them in Autoweek:


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